Although I grew up in Rome, which is not exactly a bike-friendly city, bicycles have played a central role in my life. I remember the first time I rode a bicycle without training wheels as if it was yesterday. The moment is still fresh in my mind. I can see the yellow, red and blue tones of my first BMX right in front of me.

When I was a student in the Netherlands, living on a tight budget, my bike allowed me to move freely around the city. Riding a bike was a form of entertainment, a way to stay fit, a necessity. My heart was crushed when my city bike got stolen. I quickly moved on, however, and bought a second-hand one and lived frugally for a while.

In Berlin, where I moved to make my first professional steps after graduating, bicycles continued playing an important role. Despite employers offering public transportation benefits, I’ve always preferred moving around the city by bicycle: be it scorching hot, rainy, snowy, or cold, I prefer bicycles to the suffocating feeling of a crowded subway compartment.

Call me crazy if you’d like, but I think that there is nothing that comes as close to the feeling of freedom as riding a bicycle. I look forward to many more years of bike riding and fun tours with friends or solo.

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